About us

The concept of digitising the Stallion booking process is by no means a new one. The breeding industry’s manual systems have long been the catalyst of many stud offices melt-downs around the globe. The Breedr story begins with devising a solution to this global problem, which started by reviewing every touch point of the booking process and applying practical digital alternatives to achieve the same outcome.

The Breedr team, founded by Tom Seymour, himself a hobby breeder, who during his 8yrs at Darley Australia, saw first-hand at many stud farms, the inefficiencies of this predominantly manual and paper-based booking process. Not only did it leave businesses exposed to human error, but it also put huge dependencies on a few key staff who then carried most of the company’s breeding IP with them – all modern-day red flags to any successful enterprise.

In an effort to streamline the process, Breedr engaged the industry’s most progressive software developers and then established partnerships with the world’s leading data providers to ensure everything a stud farm needed to know about a mare, would be accurate, up to date and within immediate reach.

It is our goal at Breedr to create a totally paperless alternative that not only saves trees for horses to shelter under, but allows for industry stakeholders to create more sustainable and efficient business practices.

And here starts the journey..