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We make the breeding season easier

so you

spend less time juggling booking slots

Previous methods

Up to 60 minutes

Using BREEDR can save you

45 minutes

per day on unnecessary phone calls


As quick as 15 minutes

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new in 2024

What are the benefits of BREEDR?

Six Steps to process a stallion booking

1. Apply for nom on behalf of client
2. Once nom accepted, mare profile and farm booking sheet automatically updated
3. Any outside bookings made to mares on farm can be manually entered
4. Bookings dashboard, with daily booking sheet, clearly tells all staff which mare is due where and when or who is to be revetted
5. Easy to plan travel logistics for walk-ons and share booking sheet between all staff
6. Once mare is covered, the status on the client & or agents dashboard is instantly updated

Case studies

Everyone has a different need for Breedr, learn about the various experiences by watching the videos below.

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