Is December the worst month on the breeding calendar for farm staff?

The emotional highs of early foals hitting the ground has certainly wained by December. The all-night foal watch or 4am float trip with walk-on mares lost its spark weeks ago. The vet has become a more familiar face than family and even the distraction of G1 Spring racing is a distant memory.

So just when 95% of the population are starting to wind down for the festive break & to recoup, what does the breeding industry do in December? We go head deep into yearling prep’s & inspections, before embarking on a 5month sales roadshow. It’s madness!!!

Yes it’s easy to sit back and ‘throw stones’ but what’s the solution you ask?

The answer – work smarter.

HOW DO FARMS WORK SMARTER? Smart farms, or any successful enterprise for that matter, are always looking for ways to improve exisiting practices & processes. They routinely ask themselves ‘is there a more efficient way to do this component?’ and given the natural evolution of technology, in most instances, the answer is YES.

FACT: Artificial Intelligence or robots won’t be able to teach a young horse how to parade, so the reality is, yearling preps will remain for as long as there are physical yearling sales.

FACT: Different to a yearling prep, the breeding cycle requires an enormous amount of internal & regulatory administrative work. It’s here where every farm should be focusing on becoming smarter & more efficient.

FACT: The right time to review & implement any changes for next season is NOW!

Here are two very simple steps, that if not already, you should be implementing in readiness for September 1, 2024.

  1. If there is a paper trail – find an alternative. Paperwork is inefficient, subject to human error (handwriting skills are getting worse) & environmentally unsound. Solutions already exist for every piece of paper in our ecosystem e.g. eSignature contracts
  2. If there is a whiteboard in the office – donate it to the local school tomorrow. All the information written on that whiteboard & then wiped off, is the same data that in 3-5years time, you will wish you still had access too.

Breedr is one of a handful of innovative products in the market who can help make your farm smarter.

FACT: It’s the smart farms where the next generation want to come and work.

Breedr can instantly make your breeding operation paperless and certainly provide a smarter alternative to a whiteboard or manual booking sheet.

To try and ease the December workload, we are offering a free consultation to help review your current admin processes. We will then provide some user friendly recommendations on how to take the next step towards a smarter & happier farm in ’24 .

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