Understanding eSignature contracting and digital tools for stallion booking

Step 1: Understanding eSignature Contracting

eSignature contracting is a digital way to sign a contract that eliminates the need for a physical signature. It is a legally binding method that allows breeders to sign stallion booking contracts immediately without the need to wait for physical copies of the contracts to be mailed or faxed. This ensures a faster turnaround time so the mare can be covered without delay.

Step 2: Instant Mare Appraisal

Instant mare appraisal by studs is another great feature of using digital tools for stallion bookings. Studs can provide a comprehensive assessment of the mare’s breeding history, strengths and weaknesses, allowing the breeder to make a more informed decision on the mating selection.

Step 3: Access to Stallion Booking Sheet at All Times

Having access to the stallion booking sheet at all times is essential for breeders who want to make the most of the breeding season. With a digital booking sheet, breeders can quickly and easily check availability, book stallions, and make changes without having to rely on the stud office to do it for them.

Step 4: Access to More Information Promotes Better Mating Decisions

Digital tools can provide breeders with more information on the mare, promoting better mating decisions. Studs can provide detailed information on the mare’s breeding history, physical characteristics, and other relevant factors to help the breeder make an informed decision on the best stallion to breed with.

Step 5: No Crossover Bookings with Other Sales Team Members

Digital tools can prevent crossover bookings with other sales team members, ensuring that the breeder gets the stallion they want and avoids conflicts that can arise when multiple sales teams are booking stallions for the same mare.

Step 6: No Reliance on Stud Office to Make Changes

Using digital tools for stallion booking allows breeders to work remotely and independently, without having to rely on the stud office to make changes. This provides greater flexibility and convenience for breeders who may be traveling or have busy schedules.

Step 7: Doesn’t Detract from Personal Matings Advice

Digital tools do not detract from the ability to offer matings advice. In fact, by providing access to more information on the mare and the stallions, breeders can make more informed mating decisions and offer better advice to their clients.

Step 8: Promote Ability for 24/7 Bookings

Digital tools allow for 24/7 bookings, which is essential for breeders who want to make the most of the breeding season. Breeders can book stallions at any time, from anywhere, using their phone or computer.

Step 9: Truly Mobile Access

Digital tools can be used from the phone on the road and out and about, making it easy for breeders to book stallions while keeping up with their busy schedules.

Step 10: All Booking Confirmations Automated

All booking confirmations are automated when using digital tools, which provides greater convenience and eliminates the need for follow-up emails or phone calls.

Step 11: Automatically Updated Changes for All Parties

All booking changes are automatically updated on the breeder/broodmare farm’s booking dashboard, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and reducing the risk of confusion or errors.

Step 12: All Transactions Securely Documented

All transactions are securely documented when using digital tools, ensuring that there is a clear record of all bookings and transactions.

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