How studs can set minimum mare quality benchmarks against each stallion

  1. Define the criteria for minimum mare quality

The first step in setting minimum mare quality benchmarks is to define the criteria that will be used to evaluate potential breeding mares. This could include factors such as age, pedigree, conformation, racing performance and health status. The criteria should be specific to each stallion and should reflect the stud’s breeding goals and objectives.

  1. Communicate the minimum mare quality benchmarks

Once the minimum mare quality benchmarks have been defined, the stud should communicate them clearly to breeders. This can be done through the stud’s website, promotional materials, and in conversations with breeders. By doing so, breeders can determine whether their mares meet the minimum standards before applying to breed to the stallion.

  1. Streamline the application process

To streamline the application process, the stud can create a pre-screening application form that asks breeders to provide information on their mare’s pedigree, conformation, and racing performance. This form should include a checklist of the minimum mare quality benchmarks, so that breeders can determine whether their mare meets the criteria before submitting their application.

  1. Automate the application review process

For further streamlining, the stud can automate the application review process. This can be done by creating a database that matches the mare’s information against the minimum mare quality benchmarks. The database can then automatically approve or reject the application based on whether the mare meets the criteria.

In summary, setting minimum mare quality benchmarks is an effective way for studs to streamline the application process and ensure that their stallions are only bred to mares that meet their specific criteria.

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