How to access to Breedr’s booking application systems

Horse breeding is a complex and intricate process that requires careful planning and management. From selecting the right stallion to managing her needs, every decision plays a crucial role in the success of a breeding program.

Revolutionising a crucial part of that industry, Breedr is changing the way breeders and stud managers do business. One such innovation is Breedr’s mare booking application system, which provides stud managers with comprehensive mare bios, including pedigree, race record, progeny sales records, mare imagery, vet reports, and more.

Breedr’s mare booking application system offers stud managers unprecedented access to valuable information about potential breeding partners. With detailed mare bios, stud managers can make informed decisions about which mares to breed with their stallions, and how to optimise their breeding programs. The application provides comprehensive information on each mare, including their pedigree, race record, progeny sales records, mare imagery, vet reports, and more, giving stud managers a complete understanding of each mare’s strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, Breedr’s mare booking application system is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for stud managers to find and book the right mares for their stallions. The application allows stud managers to search for mares based on specific criteria, such as breed, age, and performance record, and provides real-time updates on mare availability and booking status.

Another significant advantage of Breedr’s mare booking application system is the ability to manage breeding records efficiently. The application provides stud managers with a centralised platform to manage all breeding records, including mare bookings, breeding results, and foaling records. This makes it easier to track breeding performance, identify successful breeding pairs, and make informed decisions about future breeding programs.

Overall, Breedr’s mare booking application system is a game-changer in the breeding industry. With its comprehensive mare bios, user-friendly interface, and centralised breeding record management, stud managers can optimise their breeding programs and make more informed decisions. The application’s ease of use, coupled with its valuable insights, makes it an indispensable tool for any stud manager looking to improve their breeding program performance.

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