How to manage a stallion nomination once it’s accepted

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of managing stallion nominations in Breedr once they have been accepted.

Step 1: Navigate to Your Stud Farm Page

To manage your stallion nomination, start by logging into your stud farm account in Breedr. Once logged in, click on the stud farm, which will take you through to your stud farm page.

Step 2: Review Confirmed Bookings

To view confirmed bookings, cross over from the booking request default page to the ‘Bookings’ page. Here you will see all confirmed bookings, and any confirmation automatically sends an email and updates the breeder, the broodmare farm, or anyone shared on the portfolio of the particular mare.

Step 3: Access Stallion Roster Page

Click on the ‘Breeding Stallion Roster’ page to access the stallion roster.

Step 4: Locate the Mare

Under the breeding stallion roster, locate the mare in question. She should be listed under the nomination section, with the cover date listed as ‘TBC’ (to be confirmed).

Step 5: Drag the Mare to the Appropriate Spot on the Roster

When it gets closer to the season and you want to nominate the mare for a particular cover date, simply click on the mare and drag her to the most appropriate spot on the roster. This will update the roster with the new information and send automated emails to the owner or the broodmare farm dashboard at their end, informing them of the updated status confirmation regarding their mare.

Step 6: Update the Breeder's Dashboard

As with all updates made in Breedr, the breeder's dashboard will also be updated to reflect the changes made to the stallion roster.

In summary, managing a stallion nomination once it's accepted involves reviewing confirmed bookings, accessing the stallion roster page, locating the mare in question and dragging the mare to the appropriate spot on the roster, whilst the breeder's dashboard will be updated automatically. By following these steps, you can efficiently manage stallion nominations and keep everyone involved in the process up-to-date with the latest information.

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