How to receive, review and process a nomination

Are you interested in learning how stud administrators process nomination applications when made through Breedr? In this tutorial, we will take a closer look at the steps involved.

Step 1: Receive the Application

Once a breeder or stud farm submits a nomination request through Breedr, the stud administrator listed within Breedr will receive an email notification. The email will contain details of the new application and a link to login to the stud’s account.

Step 2: Review the Application

Upon logging in to the stud’s account, navigate to the "Booking Request" tab to review the application. All the relevant information related to the mare and her profile, which was created within Breedr, will be available for review. This includes the mare's pedigree, race record, sales results, vet reports, and photos.

Step 3: Evaluate the Offer

The next step is to evaluate the offer. Take note of the price offered for the nomination, as well as any additional offers such as a foal share. You can make an informed decision by considering all available information about the mare and her profile.

Step 4: Make a Decision

After reviewing and evaluating the offer, you can make a decision on whether to accept or reject the application. In some cases, you may choose to wait or list the application for further consideration.

Step 5: Confirm the Application

If you decide to accept the application, confirm the booking. You will have the option to add any additional notes for accounting purposes, such as the foal share details.

Step 6: Notify the Breeder

Upon confirming the application, an automatic response is triggered to the breeder, and the profile on the breeder's dashboard is updated. You can also see on your dashboard that the mare's booking has been confirmed.

In summary, the process of reviewing and processing nomination applications in Breedr involves receiving the application, reviewing the mare's profile, evaluating the offer, making a decision, confirming the application, and notifying the breeder. By following these steps, stud administrators can make informed decisions and manage their stud accounts efficiently.

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